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Congratulations! You made it to Part 2, and are doing very well! These questions get a little harder, but you're good at this.


13) In the study of Feng Shui, which house shape is best:

a) split level house
b) "L" shaped house
c) square center-door house

14) Psychometry typically involves:

a) holding an object
b) gazing into an object
c) moving an object with the mind

15) Which entity did Jane Roberts channel:

a) Lazaris
b) Ashtar
c) Seth

16) What shape most closely resembles the energy emanations from the Chakra centers:

a) a cone
b) a triangle
c) a diamond

17) A common nickname for the Pleiades is:

a) the seven sisters
b) Alcyone's twin
c) the great blue star

18) The Montauk Project included:

a) 12-strand DNA manipulation
b) time travel
c) alien electromagnetic technology

19) Time as we know it is actually:

a) a vibrational barrier to group ascension
b) an illusionary linear concept
c) a sixth dimensional paradigm

20) Nicola Tesla is best known for:

a) free energy devices and electricity
b) Egyptology and archaeology
c) breakthrough anti-gravity discoveries with Edgar Cayce

21) Which term refers to the awakening of the inner life force:

a) chakra
b) kundalini
c) meditation

22) Which one of the seven distinct bodies which comprise the human body is the last to experience illness:

a) etheric
b) physical
c) mental

Okay, you're getting really good at this stuff now!
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