The New Age IQ Test - Part 3

You've made it to the final section! The following questions are a little more difficult, but you know a lot of these already. - Good Luck!


23) The father of modern day macrobiotics is:

a) Michio Kushi
b) I. M. Pei
c) George Ohsawa

24) A name for a personal physical ascension vehicle is:

a) a crop circle
b) a merkabah
c) a stargate

25) Which of the following is not a definition of metaphysics:

a) the nature of ultimate reality
b) the philosophical origins of religion
c) the world beyond the physical

26) What is remote viewing:

a) etheric synchronicity
b) a futurist's tool for viewing and predicting future events
c) attempting to view and understand an unknown object or event within a controlled setting

27) Which method did Ruth Montgomery use to receive her information:

a) trance channeling
b) transdimensional clairaudience
c) automatic writing

28) A walk-in is an entity who:

a) has very advanced powers
b) has integrated into a human body
c) has achieved full consciousness

29) The extraterrestrial group known as the "Grays" are believed to be from what planetary system:

a) Orion
b) Sirius
c) Zeta Reticuli

30) What is the cause of spontaneous human combustion:

a) unguided ascension acceleration
b) premature rising of kundalini energy
c) sudden chakra reversals

31) Edgar Cayce is believed to be the direct soul descendent of:

a) Yahweh
b) Abraham
c) Ra

32) The name of the civilization believed to have existed just before Atlantis was:

a) Lemuria
b) Urantia
c) The Super Race

33) The arrival of the Photon Belt is predicted to cause the following:

a) increased psychic abilities for all
b) Atlantis rising
c) meteor collisions with earth

34) Which of the following is reported to contain the wisdom of the ages:

a) The Akashic Hall of Records
b) the chamber beneath the right paw of the Sphinx in Egypt
c) the Ark of Covenant

35) When you ascend, you:

a) increase your awareness
b) see extraterrestrials
c) experience Jesus Christ

36) Ultimately, who knows what is best for you:

a) your psychic or astrologer
b) your soulmate
c) you

Bonus Question
37) Salem Massachusetts is best known for:

a) witchcraft
b) the Salem New Age Center
c) soon to be both

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    Part 3 - 23)c 24)b 25)b 26)c 27)c 28)b 29)c 30)b 31)c 32)a 33)a 34)a 35)a 36)c 37)a, b or c

Comparative Range:

    1 - 12 correct answers: Good. A good start on the road of discovery and learning
    13 - 20 correct answers: Better. a strong foundation and understanding of important topics
    21 - 27 correct answers: Very Good! sound knowledge of many metaphysical subjects
    28 - 37 correct answers: Excellent! Accomplished student of the new age


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