Salem Massachusetts IQ Test - Part 2

Congratulations! You made it to Part 2, and are doing very well! These questions get a little harder, but you're good at this.


11) What was Giles Corey remembered for:

a) Being crushed to death by rocks during the   
    witch hysteria
b) Leader of the resistance at Leslie's Retreat
c) Starting the great Salem fire from his
    blacksmith shop

12) What United States flag nickname was coined by a Salem native:

a) "Old glory"
b) "Stars and Stripes"
c) "America the Beautiful"

13) How many people were hanged for witchcraft in Salem during the witch hysteria:

a) 19
b) 21
c) 49

14) What kind of tree borders Salem's most famous street:

a) Chestnut
b) Oak
c) Maple

15) Who built and first lived in the House of Seven Gables:

a) Samuel Mc Intrye
b) Henry Alcott, the spice trader
c) Captain John Turner

16) What stopped Salem from being a major Massachusetts shipping port:

a) A large scandal in Salem's government 
   eroded confidence
b) Salem Harbor was to shalow for large 
c) The treacherous breakers and rock 
    formations at the enterence of Salem Harbor

17) At the height of the East India trade period (1800-1810) about how many wharves existed on Salem's waterfront:

a) 25
b) 10
c) 40

18) What Salem family occupied the same homestead on Broad Street for several generations, way back to the Revolutionary War days:

a) Bentley
b) Bowditch
c) Pickering

19) One of the first names for the popular Parker Brothers game Monopoly was:

a) "Go Get It"
b) "Land Grab"
c) "Tycoon"

20) Which club was the first of its type in America:

a) Salem Businessman's club
b) Salem Fraternity Boy's Club
c) Salem Yacht Club (Now Salem Willows Yacht

Okay, you're getting really good at this stuff now!
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