Salem Massachusetts IQ Test - Part 3
Recent Salem History for Salem Residents

Special Note: This section includes current Salem history. People not from Salem or those unfamiliar with  Salem's modern era may find this section too specific.

PART 3 - Current Salem History

21) Which Salem street was originally the main street or major thoroughfare for Salem:

a) Essex Street
b) Lafayatte Street
c) Washington Street

22) Which Mayor of Salem has served as Mayor longer than anyone else:

a) Francis Collins
b) Jean Levesque
c) Samuel Zoll

23) What Government installation was located at Winter Island for several years:

a) The Airforce Rescue Center
b) U.S. Coast Guard Station
c) Secret WWII submarine search tower

24) Which family lived in the Salem Library building before donating it to the city:

a) Bertram
b) Putnam
c) Ropes

25) Which famous Salem family donated the Old Town Hall building and the Salem Marketplace land to the city:

a) Briggs
b) Derby
c) Holyoke

26) In what year was the Riley Plaza Rotary converted to an intersection:

a) 1976
b) 1986
c) 1996

27) Who is known as the Official Witch of Salem:

a) Laurie Jones
b) Laurie Cabot
c) Jody Cabot

28) What kind of sailing ship is the Friendship (located at Derby Wharf):

a) Shallow Draft Brigantine
b) 3-Master Square Rigged East Indiaman
c) 3-Masted Seagoing Schooner

29) In what year did the Salem Fire occur:

a) 1920
b) 1914
c) 1904

30) The Salem Fire left how many families homeless:

a) 1000
b) 2500
c) 3500

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