Salem Massachusetts IQ Test - Part 4
Recent Salem History for Salem Residents

Congratulations! You made it to Part 4. You're doing great! Just a few more questions.


31) The Salem leather industry prospered in which part of town:

a) Commercial Wharf
b) Blubber Hollow
c) The South Wharf

32) In 1850, how many leather-related businesses prospered in Salem:

a) 85
b) 125
c) 200

33) What infamous Salem animal had a curious nickname:

a) Wally the Willow's whale (beached at the
    Salem Willows)
b) The Stoned Elephant (Who drank beer)
c) Polly, the Preposterous ( Who was brought
    to every meeting by the mayor)

34) What year was the Salem - Beverly railroad bridge fire:

a) 1975
b) 1986
c) 1988

35) The East India Mall in downtown Salem opened in:

a) 1975
b) 1973
c) 1976

36) The first ice cream cone in New England was served at:

a) E.W. Hobbs at the Salem Willows
b) The Olde Candy Shope in Downtown Salem
c) Derby Wharf Confectioner

37) Salem State College was formerly known as:

a) Salem Normal High School
b) Salem Navigators School
c) Salem Agricultural High school

38) Due to both a growing population and an interest in schooling, in 1837 there were how many private schools in Salem:

a) 19
b) 32
c) 70

39) Which island is owned by the City of Salem:

a) House Island
b) Bakers Island
c) Tinkers Island

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The Salem Mass IQ Test
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