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The Ancient Civilizations IQ Test

Created and written by the
Salem New Age Center, Salem Massachusetts USA

Test your knowledge of various ancient civilizations

I.Q. Test Notes:

Special Note: History and especially ancient history can be interpreted in many ways. In order to understand the past, one can employ techniques that are academic, cultural, religious, scientific, archaeological, anthropological, mystical, and more. Please allow that there are many ways to view and interpret ancient civilizations.


1) Which civilization is belived to have created the foundation for our modern english alphabet:

a) Greece

b) Sumeria

c) Rome

2) The Great Pyramid in Egypt is in which location:

a) Luxor

b) Giza

c) the high plains

3) Which Greek philopher wrote extensively about Atlantis:

a) Plato

b) Homer

c) Aristotle

4) the Sumerians invented:

a) the wheel

b) modern farming methods

c) the elevated aquaduct

5) Which early civilization was best known for trading by ships:

a) the Vikings

b) the Phoenecians

c) the Babylonians

6) The Greek goddess Athena was the goddess of:

a) Beauty

b) Courage

c) Wisdom

7) Who wrote the Illiad and the Odyssey:

a) Homer

b) Plato

c) Aristotle

8) Who is thought to be the builder of the Great Pyramid:

a) Khafre

b) Khufu

c) Rameses

9) Mycenea is best known for developing which metals technology:

a) bronze

b) iron

c) copper

10) How did the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar die:

a) His food was poisoned

b) Tragically and unnecessarily in the last days of a foreign war

c) He was stabbed in the back

Those questions weren't that difficult, were they?
Reminder: this test does not total up answers automatically

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