The Ancient Civilizations IQ Test - Part 2

Congratulations! You made it to Part 2, and are doing very well! These questions get a little harder, but you're good at this.


11) The first Olympic Games were held in:

a) 1204 B.C.

b) 776 B.C.

c) 860 A.D.

12) Which Mediteranean island suffered a catastrophic volcanic explosion in the year 1500 B.C.:

a) Crete

b) Mykonos

c) Thera

13) Which early African civilization just south of Egypt was the most important and first major African civilization:

a) Ghana

b) Kush

c) Congo-Zimbabwe

14) Montezuma was an emperor of which civilization:

a) Aztec

b) Inca

c) Maya

15) King Atlas is thought to have been king of:

a) Atlantis

b) Egypt

c) Macedonia

16) How many large stone head-shaped structures exist on Easter Island:

a) 12

b) 17

c) 46

17) The Hawiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean are said to be a remainder of what ancient civilization:

a)  Lemuria

b)  Pacifica

c)  Polynesia

18) Mesopotamia existed in what is now known as:

a) Iraq

b) Iran

c) Syria

19) Who was Socrates' most famous student:

a) Homer, author and historian

b) Plato, founder of the world's first university

c) Caesar, Roman leader and conquerer

20) Who was the first woman to become an Egyptian Pharaoh:

a) Dendera

b) Hatshepsut

c)  Neferteri

Okay, you're getting really good at this stuff now!
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