The Ancient Civilizations IQ Test - Part 3

You've made it to the final section! The following questions are a little more difficult, but you know a lot of these already. - Good Luck!


21) The 2,000 year old Great Wall of China:

a) is 2,150 miles long

b) was built by the Huang He dynasty

c) was built over the span of five generations

22) What is a Ziggurat:

a) a Chinese pyramid

b) a form of money used in the Crusades

c) a Sumerian temple

23) What was Hybornea, also known as Hyperborea:

a) the first root race of man

b) the original Egyptian name for the great pyramid

c) a civilization which pre-dated Atlantis and Lemuria

24) Who built Stonehenge:

b) Welch Norsemen

a) the Druids

c) The Celts

25) What is the Shroud of Turin believed to be:

a) Cleopatra's tithe to Anthony

b) The burial cloth of Jesus

c) The cursed uniform of Napoleon

26) What caused the Great Flood:

a) the thousand year astronomical cycle

b) violent volcanoes and earthquakes in South America

c) the collapse of the firmament

27) Which ancient artifact enabled researchers to decipher ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics:

a) the code of Hammurabi

b) the Rosetta Stone

c) the Obelisk of Philae

28) What is the name of the Islam holy book based on Mohammed's writings:

a) the Ancient Book of the Dead

b)  the Koran

c)  the Papyrus

29) What South American country is home to the Nazcar Plateau (the plateau known for huge ancient images visible only from the sky):

a) Chile

b) Peru

c) Machu Pichu

30) In the Southwest of the United States, which native American Indian tribe vanished mysteriously at about 1000 A.D.:

a) the Anasazi

b) the Black Hawk

c) the Cherokee

31) Which of the following is reported to contain the wisdom of the ages:

a) The Ark of the Covenant

b) The Akashic Hall of Records

c) the right paw of the Sphinx

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