About the IQ test

IQ test was developed by a panel of psychologists employing an advanced framework that was validated by some of the most respected psychometricians in the field.

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Our history

IQ test originated from a shared commitment to advancing the understanding and measurement of intelligence. Our founding team recognized a gap in the availability of high-quality, cost-free IQ tests that could provide genuinely valuable and precise insights into cognitive abilities.

Consequently, drawing inspiration from established IQ tests, we assembled a team of experts and academic researchers to develop a proprietary, no-cost assessment tool validated by respected psychometric authorities.

Simultaneously, we set out to create educational resources aimed at helping individuals enhance their cognitive abilities and realize their full IQ potential.

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Our mission

Our mission at IQ test remains consistent with our founding principles. Our objective is to assist individuals in assessing their strengths and areas for improvement, enabling them to formulate effective strategies for personal growth.

What distinguishes us today is our accumulated experience and an accomplished team of experts working behind the scenes. We possess a profound understanding of the cognitive dimensions that an IQ test must encompass for precision.

Most importantly, we recognize the pivotal role of IQ scores in nurturing self-esteem and promoting self-development and ambition. Our commitment is to facilitate this understanding for our users.

Guiding principles

The following three principles fully encapsulate what we stand for.

Advanced framework

Our IQ test combines the tried-and-true metrics used in standardized intelligence tests with state-of-the-art methods designed to improve its accuracy and account for cultural distinctions.

Extensive research

We’ve reviewed hundreds of IQ-related studies that cover diverse topics, such as the effect of intelligence on career, relationships, and personality traits; IQ distribution by age and country; and so much more.

Frequent reevaluation

To ensure our IQ test stays up-to-date with the latest trends in psychometrics, we regularly evaluate the tasks and make improvements and updates when necessary.

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