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What is an IQ test?

An IQ test measures your cognitive abilities, such as logical reasoning, pattern recognition, problem-solving skills, and short-term memory. The results are then expressed as a score called the intelligence quotient (IQ), which typically ranges from 40 to 160.

Generally speaking, IQ tests consist of multiple-choice questions that ask you to pick the next element in a sequence based on the previous ones. To solve these tasks, you must employ your analytical and deductive skills and work out the pattern that governs the sequence.

How are IQ scores calculated?

According to Wechsler’s widely accepted IQ test scale, an IQ score is calculated by comparing your results to those of your peers in the same age group. For example, if you do the test better than 86% of your generation, your result will be between 115 and 120. On the other hand, the worse you do compared to others, the lower your score.

The average IQ score is between 85 and 115, with over two-thirds of the population falling within this IQ test range. Any score under 85 is considered low, while those who score above 115 are appraised as gifted. The further you go toward either extreme, the fewer people share your IQ.

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Highest IQ by country

Curious how your country performs in terms of intelligence compared to other areas? Find it on this list and check the average IQ of your competitors!

View all countries
  • Japan


    Average IQ: 106.49

  • Taiwan


    Average IQ: 106.47

  • Singapore


    Average IQ: 105.89

Highest IQ by age

Are you smarter than a 5th grader? You don’t have to participate in a game show to find out—you can take a look at our IQ ranking by age instead!

View all ages
  • 65+ years old

    65+ years old

    Average IQ: 114

  • 55-64 year-olds

    55-64 year-olds

    Average IQ: 109

  • 16-17 year-olds

    16-17 year-olds

    Average IQ: 108

Highest IQ by university

Which university has the smartest students? Is it Princeton, Harvard, or an unexpected candidate outside of the Ivy League? Find the answer here!

View all universities
  • California Institute of Technology

    California Institute of Technology

    Average IQ: 145

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Average IQ: 144

  • Olin College of Engineering

    Olin College of Engineering

    Average IQ: 143

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The IQ test is great, but the detailed report that breaks down areas of improvement is even better. Totally impressed and glad I subscribed!

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Do you think you might be a genius?

Take our certified IQ test to learn how your intelligence ranks compared to the rest of the population!

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