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Countries differ greatly in terms of average national IQ, with a gap of more than 45 points between the top and bottom of the list. See which country is the smartest and how yours compares to the rest of the globe.

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What is IQ, and how is it measured?

IQ is a score derived from a standardized IQ test that measures processing speed, working memory, deductive reasoning, and problem-solving capacity.

Intelligence is determined by comparing test takers’ performance to that of their peers and expressing the result on an IQ scale. For example, if a test taker has done better than 75% of their age group, their IQ will be translated into 115.

Standardized IQ test versions

Besides the classic IQ test, you can come across the following standardized tests that operate on the same principle:

  • The Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale
  • The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale
  • Raven’s Progressive Matrices
  • The Cattell Culture Fair Intelligence Test

These tests are used for various purposes, such as school placement, job candidate assessment, and intelligence research.

What is the average IQ in the world?

The average IQ in the world is 100. However, since 68% of the population scores between 85 and 115, this entire range is usually considered normal.

Scores under 85 denote low intelligence and potential cognitive disability, while scores above 115 indicate high IQ and varying degrees of giftedness.

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Top 10 countries with the highest IQ

The top 10 countries with the highest IQ are all located in East Asia and Europe, likely because these regions have the best living standards and high-quality education. This is why even the lowest IQ country in Europe, Romania, still boasts a respectable score of 86.88 points.

Top 10 countries with the lowest IQ

The ten countries with the lowest IQs are predominantly states with rampant poverty, social issues, and inadequate education in Africa and Central America. However, the country with the lowest IQ is in Asia. Here is an overview of the ten countries with the lowest IQ scores in the world.

What factors affect IQ?

Factors that affect IQ are numerous, but the following are particularly important: genetics, education, and nutrition.

It’s important to clarify that race has no effect on IQ. Although countries with the lowest IQs come from Africa and Central America, this is mainly due to poverty, malnutrition, and inadequate education, which make the biggest difference in IQ.

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    GeneticsIQ is proven to be hereditary, passed directly from parents to children. Typically, high-IQ parents tend to bear children with similar intelligence levels.

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    EducationResearchers believe good education is the leading cause of the Flynn effect, a phenomenon that causes humanity’s collective increase in IQ.

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    NutritionThe brain needs sufficient nutrients to reach its full potential, and that’s why good nutrition can often result in higher IQ scores.

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