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Salem Massachusetts IQ Test

Created and written by
Net Atlantic, Salem Massachusetts USA

Test your knowledge of Salem Massachusetts history

I.Q. Test Notes:


1) Who founded Salem Massachusetts:

a) Elias Derby
b) Roger Conant
c) the Pilgrims

2) In what year was Salem founded:

a) 1620
b) 1626
c) 1640

3) What was the original name for Salem:

a) New Plymouth
b) Naumkeag
c) Salem Village

4) Where did the name "Salem" originate:

a) From the Native American term meaning 
   "Abundant Fish"
b) From the British explorer John Salem
c) From the Hebrew word  "Shalom" 
    meaning peace

5) What does the name Naumkeag mean:

a) Fishing Place
b) The land of many fish and birds
c) Land of peaceful waters

6) During the 1700's, how did many Salem men become wealthy:

a) Privateering during the Revolutionary War
b) Trade with the East Indies
c) Salem's abundant natural resources

7) What event occured at the Lyceum Hall in Salem:

a) The first telephone call by Alexander 
    Grahem Bell
b) First lightbulb demonstrated by Thomas 
c) First witch tried and sentenced to death 
    by hanging

8) Which Salem native was America's first millionaire:

a) Sir Thomas Crowninshield
b) Elias Haskett Derby
c) John James Honeycutt

9) Where was the first blood shed in the revolutionary war:

a) Leslie's Retreat at North St.
b) The Lynn-Salem-Swampscott border 
c) Salem Harbor on Brigatine Defiant

10) Who is Salem's most famous author:

a) Nathaniel Hawthorne
b) Edgar Allen Poe
c) Ralph Waldo Emerson

Those questions weren't that difficult, were they?
Reminder: this test does not total up answers automatically

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